The i-State of the Union

This one is pretty much a given.  The State of the Union is crap.  My opinions on the speech last night is that the speech wasn’t moving.  It was more a declarative statement about things that haven’t been working out for him.  Instead of having agendas I think at this point it’s time to just focus on the economy and job creation. His major pieces of legislation in the form of Cap & Trade and Healthcare should be put on hold until the economy rebounds because as it stands we can not afford either now.  The President needs to stimulate the people first and that will come from job creation.

Flip the page…

The iPad is coming can you feel the buzz in the air?  Yeah me either.  I’m not a Mac person.  I used a Mac from time to time at work but I’m mostly a PC. I do not own an iPod, iTouch or iPhone.  Perhaps I’m just what would be considered an Old Fart but I live within my means and unless Apple starts offering sales I won’t be partake in the Apple revolution.  I’m not a person motivated by brand or well, much of anything.  I just know I’m not willing to pay big bucks for a hype.

Anyway there you have the news for yesterday.  Riveting isn’t it.


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