Pre Traumatic Tax Disorder

I’m reading a book about the depression.  It is the diary of Benjamin Roth from 1931 to the 1940’s.  It is very revealing and I think some of these idiots in Washington should by a copy, ingest it and reevaluate some of the colossal mistakes they are making right now.

It seems in a time of great crisis the only option is to tax the heck out of everyone or so it is the theory of Washington.  Let’s break this down a bit using history.  One, we will survive this financial mess just as we have in the past.  Two,  tax revenue is at an all time low so over taxing the only people who can pay right now…probably not the best way to promote revenue.  Instead of finding answers our government has resorted to pointing at each other, calling each other names and looking for something or someone to vilify.  Business isn’t the enemy here…it is the savior.  Business in any form will put us back to work.  Oh and if you tax business they just pass it on to us.  So we pay our taxes and theirs.  This is the way of the world people.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda…the past is the past…and unfortunately in reading a diary from 1931 I realize we learned nothing from our past.  Once we all back away from strong foundations for fast and flashy quickies of no substance, well don’t be surprised by the results.  The arm loans that are still being sold will only result in what we already know…when the payment becomes too expensive it will lead to foreclosure.  Yet TPTB still sell them to the public and the public still scoop them up and everyone but me is shocked.

Why am I the only one not shocked by the events?  I know I suffer from PTTD but still could I be the only person on the planet who sees reality?

It’s like my view of the “Healthcare Reform”.  I am totally in favor of HR but what I see happening in Washington will not improve our situation but actually make it more complicated and more expensive.  I will probably get taxed big time but right now they are talking about exempting Unions from high Healthcare taxes.  So my plan may end up costing my employer more money thus costing me more money.  How about the Amish being exempt…dude I get they live within their own community and all but what makes them so special?  I want a special exemption too.

Noble aspirations sometimes come at great cost to everyone and in cases like the “TARP / Economic Stimulus” it comes at a great cost with little to show for it.  According to various internet sources ES broke down to $246,436 per job.  How do I get one of these jobs?  I could really use $246,436.  So you can understand my winter of discontent, can’t you?

I end my diatribe here.  But I leave, I leave you with one more piece of information.  In Massachusetts a cat received jury duty.  When the owner of the cat called to explain Sal was a cat not a person Sal was denied exemption.  Need I elaborate any further on this nugget?

Quote of the Day:
“Some folks are wise and some are otherwise.”  ~Tobias Smollett


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