Bring It On!

2009 hasn’t been an awful year  like 2003 and 2006 were but it wasn’t spectacular either.

My horoscope for 2010 says that now that Saturn is off my back things are looking up for me.  One can only hope this is true.  But since I’m trying to start the New Year with good Karma there might be hope.

The only NYE resolution I’m making is to stop cursing.  Everyone at work wished me good luck with that one.  I got the feeling they have little faith in me in this matter.  You drop the F-bomb every other word and suddenly you’re know for the potty mouth….Sheesh!

I’m also resolved to play more Scrabble and sing better in the shower.  So there you have it.  These are my Resolutions and not one of them is about weight loss.  Yeah for me!

*Happy New Year Bitches!

*DISCLAIMER –  It’s not the new year yet! HA.


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