The Epic Battle for Butt Comfort

Every day my highly strung Boston Terrier Mickie and I go at the epic battle of who gets to sit in the perfect spot of the sofa.  Sure I’ve got one or more Sheldon like qualities (see Big Bang) but the thing about the sofa is so dead on.  The only problem in my world right now is that Mickie also has Sheldon like qualities.  Every time I get up from my favorite spot on the sofa Mickie jumps into it.  Maybe its butt warmth that draws her to the spot or just the over all coziness of the perfect spot but we usually have issues when she won’t get up out of my spot!

When I was a kid we had a save word…Chips.  It was magical and worked!  Unfortunately for me my dog doesn’t speak the geek and chips means nothing to her.  It sucks but what is a human to do.

So the battle rages on…luckily for me I’m winning…for now!


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