Hey you…your in my shot!

I saw a quote today that I just loved.  Being all about the words just hanging out there how could I pass this up.

“Did you ever look in a picture and see a stranger in the back?  It makes you wonder how many people have pictures of you.”

This is so cool.  I may be in a picture of a guy from England who took his family to Disney World. Smiling around the world.  Okay more than likely I have some stupid expression and I’m pointing at God only knows what.  Have you seen the people in your vacation photos?  No one looks good because we are not the topic of the photo.  Who thinks about the stuff around you when it does not involve you?  So now when I see people with a camera anywhere in sight I’m going to face that person and smile.  Heck I might even give a thumbs up with that smile.  That way when they look at their pictures they’ll say…”Who’s that crazy person smiling and giving the thumbs up in our family photo”?  Ya’ll should give it a try too.  Don’t be selfish…you’d be doing it for the world people!!!!

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