Advertisers On Crack

Okay I know I’ve covered this topic before but seriously it bugs me big time.  Either Ad agencies think we are all complete morons or they think commercials are a forum for artistic license.  They would be wrong on both counts.

So here are my commercial pet peeves:

The smilie face add/s.  I do not know who the advertising agency/s was on this but either two different agencies came up with the same idea or one agency sold the concept to 2 different clients.  It’s annoys me when I see the same thing being, more than likely, recycled.  What’s even worse I couldn’t tell you who or what the client/products were.  So since I’m a consumer and can’t remember what the product is the concept however cute was a waste.

Metrocast and Dr. Pepper have the same commercial and the same problem.  They have fictional characters talking about the product. Although they get props for the fact they show the product in the actual spot.

That brings me to the Blackberry commercial.  The only reason I remember it’s the Blackberry commercial is that I forced myself to remember.  Every time that commercial comes on I try to count how many times the phone is actually in the one minute commercial…that count is 1.

The Levi’s commercial made no sense to me but the first time I saw it I thought “is this a jeans commercial?”.  It was indeed a jeans commercial and I got that from the fact that everyone was wearing jeans. So I guess they get a “Well Done”.

What is with the stupid Jeep commercial?  Or SUV commercials in general?  Who jumps off a cliff and parachutes to their car? How many of us drive through streams and up mountain roads?  Sure if you live in a rural setting this is true but I live in a city…we don’t have mudslides.

During the election season I was distracted by an Ad.  The Ad kept saying their opponents name over and over and over so I have no idea who the person who was running but I’m pretty sure I voted for the person whose name was mentioned over and over.  So that ad Failed big time!  A clever Ad during the election that stuck with me was “On Tuesday remember to vote Munday”.  That’s a good Ad 🙂

Note to advertisers…if the product isn’t in the Ad…you’ve failed!  I’m just staying what was the point of it all if I have no idea what is being sold.


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