Monday, Monday Just Go Away

What I can make up my own lyrics, can’t I?  I usually like Mondays but I had a lot going on this weekend so my napping was curtailed much.  It was all for a good cause though.

Saturday my bestest buds took me to Scranton, PA for my birthday present.  The folks of Scranton have a thing called “The Office Convention Tour” and it was pretty cool.  The tour takes you all around Scranton and hits the spots from the show.  We played Trivia games and instead of running over hot coals at Lake Scranton there was an egg race.  The big winner was Paul from our team “The Red Beets”.


PA Paper From the Opening of The Office

PA Paper From the Opening of The Office


We also had lunch at Coopers (which is a really cool restaurant) and drinks at Poor Richard’s Pub.  Good times had by all.

Sunday I hung out with La Familia for some Birthday Party Partying which was basically awesome.  To quote Michael Scott…”an extra side of Awesome”.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in two weeks…yeah me neither!


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