The One With The Pavlovian Dog

Today I was working with a colleague on a special project so we were working in his office.  Ultra Man (my nickname for him) was playing music from his computer and I turned to him and said…”I Love This Song!!!”.  He just smiled at me.  Then the next song came on and I was all “The Pet Shop Boys” I love them.  Ultra Man smiled again and kind of laughed.  He flipped from genre to genre and I heard another song and I was all…”I love that song it’s from the movie 54″.  He broke out into full laughter.  He then showed me all the songs were from a specific channel and lets just say it was an OGT.  To which I broke out laughing.  Then for the rest of the day he would periodically test me and like a Pavlovian dog…I responded to a specific kind of music.  I told a couple of my other work mates what happened and it made them laugh too.  Great I’m A Dog 🙂

Happy Veterans Day!   A Big Old Thank You to those Men and Women who serve/d our great country.  I  thank you all for my freedom!  As they say in Texas…Ya’ll Rock!!!!


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