People! Gay Marriage Isn’t Scary

Sorry about this but I’m angry!

Maine rejected the Same-Sex Marriage Law and now Gays are forbidden to wed in that state.  Why?  It makes absolutely no sense to me why Marriage is so valued by people who by they way,  probably do not really value it as much as they would have you believe.

This just puts me in a bad mood.  In reality there are many reasons that Gay marriage make sense from Tax collection to mental well-being of the people involved.  On the other side of the aisle why would any heterosexual be losing sleep night after night because Gays and Lesbians want to wed?  Do they lose sleep when the two dumbest people they know wed and then procreate?

If the Heterosexuals are so awesome at marriage why not concentrate on the divorce rate amongst themselves and leave the Gays alone.  Not to mention the teen pregnancy rate or the adultery rate or the “living in sin don’t want to marry” group…all heterosexual by the way.  No let’s go after people who live peacefully, who love peacefully, who raise their children to be opened minded and not prejudicial regardless of the rights they do not have yet.

Getting away from the fact that no one’s marriage is affected by another persons marriage (unless you’re an adulterer) what difference does it make to these groups who dump millions of dollars into fighting against the rights and privileges of tax paying citizens?  It doesn’t.  They use religious opinion to dictate the rights of all.  Wrong!

How about you put those millions of dollars into fighting the real threat to marriage…DIVORCE!  I say lets fight to outlaw divorce.  Let’s have committees and referendums on who is allowed to marry because there are some stupid people marrying for the dumbest reasons.  Britney Spears proved that with her Las Vegas drunken fiasco.

Anyway I’m really angry and so should you because crazy people like these will move on to another thing to take away once they are done with Gay Marriage.

One last thing if hate and narrow-mindedness  are family values you can keep them.  My Mother didn’t raise me to be intolerant.


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