It’s The Great Pumpkin Chuckles the Clown

I had so much fun this Halloween and now it’s over and I’m left with a sugar hangover, dogs that hate me for dressing them up and a sadness that I have to wait another year for some groovy Halloween fun!

No really my dogs hate me a lot.  As you can see from Mickie’s joyful expression below:


I think next year I’m going to attend a party in Jersey that a couple of my friends attended this year and last.  It looked like a hoot of a time.  Anyway I’m gearing up for my second most favorite holiday…Thanksgiving.  Turkey, pumpkin pie, wine and family…always a good time 🙂

So until next year the festival will remain in my heart and on my hard drive, because I have pictures :)~

Halloween 2009
Adieu Great Pumpkin!

p.s.  Yankees still suck even if they beat the Phillies last night.  Even if the Yankees win the World Series they will still suck because it’s not really hard to be better than the other team if you stack it.  What makes them suck is they act like all the millions dumped into this team made them better.  It didn’t it made them non-likeable.  Yankees you suck…a lot.


Quote of the Day:

“I am an adult….I’m nine!” ~ Friend’s daughter’s response to why she can’t go trick-or-treating alone.


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