Al Gore Makes My Butt Twitch

My diatribe goes like this…

My family was green before it became a yuppy thing to do.  We didn’t need an earth day to remind us that things should be recycled and conserving was a good idea.  You know why…we were POOR!  My parents grew up in the depression and every day after that they waited for the next one to hit.  Even in the 50’s when things seemed good for all my parents waited for the shoe to drop that’s how much they were effected by poverty.  All they really wanted was a roof over their heads and some kind of food on the table.  Simplicity at its best!

Al Gore makes my butt twitch because he’s all do as I say not do as I do and this drives me crazy.  He lives in a huge mansion, he flies his jets all over the world and he has managed to make is salary tax-deductible (ok this is genius but still I loath him).  Does Al compost like Martha Stewart does?  Does Al have a home made water collection system to collect reusable water like Bill Nye?  No Big Al is all talk about saving the planet but only as much as it brings him fame and fortune.  Al Gore’s way of dealing with his critics is to tell them he buys Carbon Credits…….he buys them from himself.  So he’s absolved of his own violation of his own mandate or agenda (depending who you talk too) because he’s buying Carbon Credits…from himself.  Well whipty friggin do Al you’re quit the role model.  Did you learn this little scheme from Cosa Nostra?  Because this seems like a scheme if I’ve ever heard one.  You buy Carbon Credits from Big Al and he will be sure that no one messes with you over global/climate/warming/change/crisis thingy.

You know what will save the planet and us…PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY on the part of everyone.  Sure this sucks because you know each and everyone one of us will need to do our share of the WORK but that is the only way to make things better.

Crippling the economy or making treaties with countries that will in the next 20 years pollute more than we do isn’t really actually helpful.  Oh how about those crazy people who want to outlaw cows and sheep…yeah they are a fun bunch.  Instead of making our Personal Responsibility to the planet a bumper sticker how about we all turn off the lights we aren’t using.  Compost if you can (oh wait this releases CO2) and just generally have a regard for what surrounds you and we won’t need the likes of Al Gorey or any other crack  pots (for or against) who make millions off of this panic.

The one thing I am 100% sure of in this debate is I have a firm grip on reality.  No one of us will have the ability to stop Volcanoes from erupting, change weather patterns or the ability to stop earthquakes.  What I can do is not litter, leave all the lights on for no reason, keep things plugged in that I do not use for it is MY personal responsibility to see things are better for the future.  And you know what I didn’t make one penny profit off my Personal responsibility.

So Big Al and all your weirdo friends making money hand over fist with your panic and doomsday mantras about something you don’t subscribe to in your everyday life I say GET A GRIP!

I have more belief in what Bill Nye says because he walks the walk.


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