A-Rod Who?

How about them Phils!  Kicking NY buttocks and winning game one in the World Series match up.  Cliff Lee has been amazing all season but particularly awesome in the post-season.  He’s so focused and commanding that it was a joy to watch him pitch.


Chase goes downtown for 2 Homers!

The one mistake that teams make regarding the Phillies that if there are 2 outs and they are winning (not the case last night) they just count us out.  The Phillies play there best baseball with two outs…in the 9th.  We play ugly baseball but it doesn’t matter who you get the win…it’s a win.  Me I’m a big fan of #29 Raul Ibanez.  He’s amazing and quiet and did I say amazing.  Last night he looked a little shaky but once he found his rhythm he shared with the Phillies fans a nice RBI!  THANK YOUUUUUUU very much!

I’m not discounting the Yankees they do indeed have a great team with a lot of power hitting but you have heard of David and Goliath right? LOL.

Pedro Martinez has been a questionable pitcher for the Phillies but if you saw him after we clinched the NLCS you know that tonight his bringing his “A” Game downtown.  The pundits and sportscasters are down on Pedro because of the “cold” and that Pedro probably pitched well in LA because the weather was more in line for him.  I say Blah!  Pedro will feed off of his team and he will pitch well because he wants this victory.  Pedro has talent and with the support of his teammates I think he’ll bring it!


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