Did You Feel That Breeze…

It Was The Weekend Flying By!  Why do the days we have off go by so quickly?  I wanted to fill this weekend with Autumnal funnest and I managed to squeeze in two activities.

On Saturday night I did the Ghost Tour at a historic cemetery.  I love Laurel Hill because of the sepulchres and the history there.  So many people known to Philadelphia throughout history are buried there.  The newbie in the cemetery is Legendary Harry Kallis.  Going through a cemetery at night is the coolest and I highly recommend it, especially at Halloween.
Laurel Hill Cemetery by night in the rain

Sunday brought better weather (it poured rained Saturday Night) and I wanted to get in some pictures of the fall foliage so a trip was in order.  I decided on Friday to go to Pennypacker Mills or Pottsgrove Mansion and I narrowed it down to Pennypacker Mills.  I had a private tour of the house and let me tell ya the former Governor of PA was a pretty cool man.  Samuel Pennypacker was considered a packrat by some but his cataloging skills were nothing short of AMAZING!  His hobby manage to preserve history.  He enjoyed the past and living in the house he did, that dated back before the Revolution, contributed to his passion for history. He was a progressive Governor who was for women’s rights and I was amazed about how many things we have in PA he was responsible for.

Pennypacker Mills

Pennypacker Mills

On the way back I had some time before this place closed so I popped in.  I’ve been to Peter Wentz’s Farmstead before it’s a sweet historical place to visit.  Very serene!

Peter Wentz Farmstead Peter Wentz House

All in all a great weekend!


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