Learning To Cook

I was a very lucky kid growing up.  My Mother was an awesome cook.  My chubby build all my life was proof that I loved her food too much, lol.  I was an eater not a cook and there in lies my problem.  I lived at home into my late 30’s  with my Mother cooking for me all the time.  It wasn’t until right before she died she taught me to make Thanksgiving Dinner.  So the only thing I know how to do is cook a Turkey Dinner for 27 people.  This isn’t that helpful for the day to day eating.

So a bunch of years ago I moved into my own place and when the real estate agent was showing me places she would comment on the kitchen.  I would joke that other than the refrigerator the rest of the kitchen will only need to be dusted.    The place I ended up choosing had all new appliances and for the first 3 years I used the stove twice.

Now that the cost of everything has gone up I’ve decided to try and save money so I’m taking my lunch everyday and eating less takeout.  The downside the only thing I’ve managed to perfect with my cooking has been egg salad.

I have made some other things like:

Im still working on portion size, lol

I'm still working on portion size, lol

It’s going to be a long road to growing up and I guess I should squeeze it in before my 60th birthday.  But even though I’m growing up (in my own way).  I still have a kick ass lunch box to take my lunch to work in!

Kick Ass Lunch Box!

My Kick Ass Lunch Box!


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