Adventures on a Cold Wet Day

Today I had off from work and decided to take a trip to Fort Mifflin.  It’s a historic site in Philadelphia on the Delaware River.  It rained all day thanks to a Nor’easter that has decided to stick around for a couple of days.

There was only one really bad moment.  While the re-enactors were showing how the musket works for the assembled class trip from some school a student chanted Kill the Birds, Kill the Birds…which was immediately picked up by the other students around him.  Oh you think this was bad…I haven’t got to the bad part yet.  When it came time for the cannon demonstration this little sociopath chanted “Kill the Birds, Kill the Kids…”  This wasn’t however followed up with a chant by his friends.  Not one mother/chaperon stopped the chanting on the first or second round. I know one day I’ll see this little kid on the news one day and his parents will be all…We were shocked…he was such a lovely child.  NOT!

Anyway I didn’t let the little crazy kid ruin my visit.  I really enjoyed it and it had a bonus since this is one of the most haunted places in Philadelphia.  The tunnels are kind of creepy but I didn’t see any soldier apparition.  I blame the kids, lol.

I brought Bjorn and Mick with me.  I know I said before that Bjorn was going into retirement but I just couldn’t leave him behind.  Those pictures are here.

Bjorn Maelstrom...Explorer

Bjorn Maelstrom...Explorer

Mick Mouse

Mick Mouse

Where to next?  It’s supposed to rain the rest of the weekend which is kind of a bummer but it won’t stop me from having fun 🙂


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