Nobel Committee Your Timing Is Off

Yes…I’m going to put my two cents  in on the great Nobel Peace Prize debate.  In the attempt to make some weird statement against former President GW Bush the Nobel Committee has awarded the Peace Prize to President Barak Obama.  Like many people I scratch my head about what did he do that was worthy of the nomination for the award?

This selection was almost as bizarre as Al Gore winning the Peace Prize for his Global Warming work.  If Al Gore had won the prize for Science that would have at least made sense for me but for Peace?  Now the President is set to accept the award just before he needs to make a decision about the war in Afghanistan.   If he ups the troop levels then he advocates war which would make this whole thing Ironic.    I wonder what the President is really thinking about the position he’s now been put in for all  his future decisions.

In short today’s big reveal is rather a big mess all around.


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