Distracted by Crap

Hey look a squirrel.  Yeah it’s kind of like that.  First let me say there is some really crappy crap on TV theses days. I was watching a commercial for Halls and it was like an advert for Pedophiles.  WTF…have you seen it?  A dorm room where the roommate gives the roommates Mom a Halls and they both have pucker faces and look all longingly into each others eyes as they suck on their Halls.  That shit is just not right!

What pisses me off most  is that this commercial went through like 600 meetings before they even shot it.  The Ad Company had to pitch it to the client.  Then the client had meeting after meeting to tweak it and then they shot it and then it went through another approval before being sent out for air. This commercial makes me not ever want to buy Halls because they are icky.  FAIL…big time!

Have you seen the Target commercial where the anorexic model types are wearing the fashions they bought and saved money on at Target?  Yeah have you seen the people who shop at Target…they don’t look like skinny models…they look like me…I shop at Target and the commercial insulted me.  FAIL!

Sometimes there are commercials that I have no idea what the product is and that drives me crazy.  Do I really need to see an “art” piece or should the commercial be entertaining and informative.  I love the Weight Watchers commercial.  They gave Hungry a form…it’s a pesky little fuzzy orange thing with Bert’s eyebrows that annoys the dieter.  LOVE IT!  It’s clever and I understand the product being sold.  Kudos to that Ad team.

That’s just the commercials.  What about the regular TV.  Doesn’t A&E stand for Arts and Entertainment?  Just wondering because I think it should be called the Crime Channel.  SoapNet is playing fewer and fewer soaps and more and more Dramas like One Tree Hill and 90210.  Also they have weird reality shows and Crappy Movies from the 80’s and 90’s on Sundays.  I’d rather see old soaps or older shows from AMC, OLTL or GH.  Lifetime is the queen bee of Chick shows…always has been and at least I know what to expect when I turn it on.

Reality TV is cheap to produce and well most of it is crap.  I guess it’s kind of taken the place of the old Mini Series from the 70’s and 80’s.

Any way to sum up my diatribe of scatter braininess….TV SUCKS any more!!!

Just a regular Quote:

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ~ Albert Einstein



  1. I haven’t seen the Halls commercial (gotta love DVR, I never watch commercials anymore) and now I am very glad I have not! But I have seen the WW one and you are right, spot on. I usually only watch House and Bones and Medium and Lost. I seem to be stuck on the shows with one word titles!

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