I Miss The 70’s

I totally miss the 70’s.  Sure there wasn’t a natural fiber to be found in any of our clothing and my hair was kind of scary but it was an awesome time!  Looking a mess was kind of expected which was also awesome.  Although I don’t miss my Michael Nesmith phase.  I wore a ski cap in the summer…what was I thinking.

I was just having a talk with a gal at work and were discussing all the cool stuff we had back then that the techno kiddies of today will never experience like…

  • Using a metal coat hanger as an antenna.
  • Same TV…using pliers to change the channel.
  • Disco…then in 1979 it died – “Rather Dead Than Disco” – “Disco’s Dead Long Live Led” (I had t-shirts with both of these slogans.  Yeah…I was cool.
  • 1972 Chevey Impala.  Yep it was a boat and it was gold.
  • School House Rock…Which brings me to American History class and the Preamble.  Singing through it as I wrote it down.  I wasn’t the only one.
  • Pong
  • AM Radio was cooler than FM Radio.
  • Wee Willy Weber…it’s a Philly thing
  • Space Giants, Johnny Socko and Ultraman…God Bless the Japanese!
  • Mork’s suspenders
  • Learning to Hustle
  • Staying outside until dark…because we wanted to be outside.

I miss being a kid.  But being an adult has its perks though…especially when I go to the bar, lol.

Just A Regular Quote:

“The art of life is to know how to enjoy a little and to endure very much.” ~ William Hazlitt


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