Windows vs. Mac

I was reading this article in the Guardian and of course I chuckled because I can relate.  I’m a PC user at home and a Mac/PC user at work.  I can see the points for each depending on the tasks you are doing.  Graphics and Editing are way better on the Mac but other applications such as Games are better on PC (I play the games at home ☺).

Microsoft Vista was crap.  Even Microsoft found it difficult to not acknowledge that Vista was crap.  Hey remember when they put in the patches and repackaged Vista as Mojave.  Yeah, that was a dumb ass move.  But now Microsoft is launching on October 22, 2009 the newest and grooviest OS ever…Windows 7.  Have a Windows 7 party to share with your friends the greatness of the new OS.  Are you serious?  Could Microsoft be any lamer?  You know Mac doesn’t have to do that because their product speaks for itself.  Do I really need to have a party to show my friends what it looks like when Windows 7 gives me the blue screen of death?  No thanks, I’ll pass.  And it makes me feel dirty that Microsoft seems so desperate that they want people like me to pimp their products.  Just look at this lame tutorial on how to have a Windows 7 Party.

Mac is easy to use for people without computer experience.  It’s cute icons  help dumb it down for the average computer user.  Vista attempted its own version of this and found that the reaction just wasn’t warm.  Why?  Well unlike Mac who had always used the icon system for easibilty (yes I made up this word),  Windows users had never had that in the past so when they added all the icons it was difficult to find things.  I just change my Vista to “Classic View” so that I knew what the heck I was doing and where everything was.

I’m not a part of the Mac cult but I can see comfortable ness of it. But since Mac’s are expensive and I can’t run my favorite programs I already have I chose to go with a PC.  For me to go Mac I would spend $1400.00 more than I did and I would be force to buy new software.  So I’m A PC by default.

So this little diatribe ends with Mac or PC…someone is getting rich and it isn’t me.  Oh well.

Just a Regular Quote:

“I took you for better or for worse but not for lunch.” ~ Mrs. Craig on the occasion of her husband’s retirement



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