There are Good People In The World…really

This morning while having my cup of ice tea (I despise coffee) and reading the news online I came across this story that kind of made Wednesday a little nicer and me a little more thankful for what I have and what I don’t have.

The family of a 7 year old girl who is terminally ill and on a ventilator couldn’t afford to take their child home where she could die peacefully.  Federal Express Freight stepped up and donated the $11,000 for the medivac trip back to Arkansas.  In a time when we hear about corporate greed and corporate layoffs this was a refreshing story.  In time of pain there is hope that something can be done to relieve even just a portion of it.  So a big old “Way to Go” Fedex!

In other news….

Jon Gosselin is slowing down the divorce train.  Really Jon…why is that…have you just looked at your bank account?  I’m not a fan of Kate but you know what I’m tired of,  men getting passes for their mid-life crisis’.  If a woman abandons her family for want of sleeping around she’s a big old slut.  If a guy does it he’s either a stud or lost.  These two need a major dose of REALITY!

Kathy Ireland got booted from DWTS and like no one was surprised.  I feel bad for Tony.  The only decent dance partner he’s had was Melissa.

The Phillies magic number is now 1…thanks Florida Marlins :)~

MTV discovered a way to get men involved in the fight to end Breast Cancer with the “Save the Boobs” campaign.

Oh and that chick dropped the F-Bomb on SNL.  Seriously, all those people who were “outraged” need to take a Fuckin’ Chill Pill.

Just a regular old quote:

“Now suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress… But I repeat myself. ” ~ Mark Twain


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