Killer of Joy

Bitching and Complaining is what gets me through the flares.  RA sucks and that’s all there is.  Last night I had plans to hang out with some friends.  I made it through the whole day at work with relatively no major issues.  I was tired but, like, who isn’t these days.  I got home and walked the dogs and that’s when it hit.  The limp crept in like a friggin’ theif of joy and then I did it…I took off my shoes and socks and the last bastion of fortitude was gone.  I looked down and my left ankle was 3x’s the size of my right  and that was 2x’s larger than normal.  Through out the night it crept along…to my knees…then up my spine and settled in my neck.

It’s a funny thing about the drugs I take…do they really work on the pain or just take me to a place I don’t really care about the pain anymore?

Any who…I watched DWTS and can remember like 3 dances and I fell asleep before the end of Castle and now I have no clue who the murderer is…RA you are a killer of Joy and Fun and I hate you!

On an upbeat note…I woke up this morning and I wasn’t dead so Yeah for me!

Quotes From The Internets:

“If the law said “with intent to manufacture methamphetamine,” no one could be arrested until it was proven that the drug actually was used to make meth, the prosecutor said.” ~ (This was a quote from an article about a Granny who bought cough medicine twice in one week.  Apparently in this town it’s guilty until proven innocent not the other way around)


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