Vomit Sunday

Every Sunday I load up on this one drug that makes me want  to hurl.  It’s the catch.  If I want to walk without limping or well walk in general I have to take these pills that make me vomit.  I don’t always vomit, sometime, like tonight I’m just  nauseous  I just wish I’d vomit and get it over with already.

Having RA is like being insane 1/2 the time.  Most people don’t understand.  I’ve had people say…”but you don’t look sick”.  I am sick…I’m sick of people saying you don’t look sick.  A couple of weeks ago my brother came to stay with me during a flare moment.  He had never seen me incapacitated and well I think it freaked him out a bit.

The upside of the RA is it isn’t a disease that will kill me so I’m okay with just dealing.  That whole being dead thing would just screw up my day.  And besides I just dyed my hair and that would be a major waste.

Quotes From The Internets:

“I live in constant dread of two things: earthquakes and hidden onions in my food.”


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