Like Boo

Every Wednesday I watch Ghost Hunters (SyFy) and every Friday I watch Ghost Adventures (The Travel Channel) and I love it.  Dead people are so cool.  Ghost Hunters, in my opinion, is better than GA because they try to debunk and aren’t always jumping on the belief that a place is haunted.  They also do not usually investigate Haunted Woods or Cemeteries because there are too many variables.

Dead people are so interesting…sometimes more interesting than live people.  To be able to communicate from a different plain takes a lot of energy and it’s way more energy than I have.  I need a ton of energy just to get out of bed in the morning so I’m thinking I would be a crappy ghost.  I’d be like all Boooooo I’m haunting you and like no one would hear me because my energy level would be like 5.  And seriously how many Ghost use the word “like” the way I like do…okay.

Ouija Boards are freaky…stay away from them.  If you’re lucky when use one Marilyn Monroe shows up but in actuality it’s more like Crazy Uncle Pete and he’s got some pent up energy.  Ghost Hunters has shot some really cool footage of anomalies and if you get a chance and love Ghosts like I love Ghosts check them out.  Hey look…they are on now 🙂

It’s BooRIFIC!

Just a Regular Quote:
“I need a ridlin smoothy.” ~
Carsen Kressly, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy


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