No More “Light”

I’m sad.  Depressed even.   One of my favorite shows is no longer happening.  For 72 years Guiding Light (formerly known as, THE GUIDING LIGHT) graced the air waves telling fantastic stories and lighting up my life for 44 of the 72 years.  The Light is out but at least I still have the old show to relive the moments.

I’m a Soap Junkie from way back.  I’ve fulfilled a life long dream of attending Super Soap Weekend at Disney in 2006 and loved every minute of it!  But like so many things in the world of Soap Operas even Super Soap Weekend is history.

About twenty-five years ago Soap Operas reached their zenith.  How many people my age saw Luke and Laura get married on General Hospital?  Well it was the highest rated Daytime Show in history.  November 16, 1981 drew 30 million viewers and a 52 share of the audience which is very impressive by any standard Daytime or Prime time.  I watched the wedding in 1981, Tad and Dixie’s number of weddings, the Brooks/Foster families on Y&R in the 70’s and As The World Turns and Guiding Light in the early 90’s.  I love/d the characters, the history and yes even sometimes the craziness of the storylines.  I still do.  And I’m depressed it’s a dying art.

Guiding Light, like As The World Turns was brought to us by some of the greatest people.  I call them the Creators.  Irna Phillips who gave birth to Guiding Light and to the crop of Classic Creators/Writers in Daytime’s History.  Agnes Nixon, Douglas Marland, Bill Bell and Ted Corday were her gift to us all.  They are mostly gone now but their spirits are still in the air (Agnes Nixon is still living).

So I say Goodbye old Friend.  And as The Great Reverend Rutledge used to open each show with….

There is a destiny
That makes us brothers
None goes his way alone
All that we send into the lives of others
Comes back into our own.

Quotes From The Internets:

“Like many others are saying, it’s like losing a ton of family members all at once.  My one hour a day of escape will be gone.” ~ Fan about the end of Guiding Light



  1. Wow! I can’t imagine that, it seems like that show has been around longer than me. And yes, I watched the Luke & Laura wedding. I remember running home from school that day so I wouldn’t miss a thing! Soaps defined my era in many ways, so it is sad to see them slowly slipping away.

  2. I never watched the show until the last episode. My grandmother has been watching it since it was on the air I believe — she explained all the relationships between folks and is like … ‘The Price is Right’ took over that time slot? Definitely an end of an era.

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