My Dogs Hate Me

Okay let me say this I’m the hand that feeds them so WTF?   Willow has been taking dumps in my bedroom the last couple of days.  She does this when the voices in her head speak to her in a language that just sucks as far as I’m concerned!  I’d beat her ass but I’m a lover not a fighter. And like it would give the voices in her head just another reason to shit all over my parade.  So I’m trying now to out wit the voices and the dog.  Wish me luck because unless she starts speaking english I’m screwed!

Oh and if that wasn’t the bunch of it I broke the other dog.  Mickie’s problem is she believes herself to be a puppy and she’s like 10,000 years old…in dog years or something like that.  Every time she looks at me she’s got that expression of … “I’m keeping a list asshole”.  She’s a little dog with way too much attitude.  I think she was born in New York or something.

If I go missing check with Willow and Mickie I think they are responsible!

P.S. DWTS begins in 7 days ya’ll!

P.S. to the P.S.  I just broke the other dog.  What the hell is going on?  Is it a frickin’ full moon?  Has some crazy Voo Doo Priestess put a mojo zaper on me?  My Moon and Mood are waning!

Quotes From the Internets:

“I’m in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment,” he wrote. “Beyonce’s video was the best of this decade . . . I’m sorry to my fans if I let you guys down . . . I’m sorry to my friends at MTV . . . I will apologize to Taylor.”

~ Gosh you think Kanye…you’re a loser…and I can be quoted on that!  Thank goodness Beyonce has more class in her toenail than you do in your entire body.  You do have a brain right?  Oh wait…you prooved you didn’t!


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