Brain Cloud

Today I’ve got a brain cloud.  It’s amazing how much a brain cloud resembles a hangover.  I blame the vodka!  Curse you, oh so lovely and smooth vodka!  Curse YOU!~

I got like next to nothing accomplished today because of the brain cloud.  I’m doing laundry as I type but is that like really doing anything.  Mr. Washer and Mrs. Dryer do the heavy lifting on that and I just jump in at the end.  But there you have it…the crazy wild life of a middle age woman in a big city.

The Brain Cloud is starting to lift a bit but it’s like too late to do anything fun and now tomorrow I will have a list of things to do…sure it’s not a LAUNDRY list of things to do but a list none the less.  I got spoiled last week with the holiday and this week will be like a whollllllllleeeee five days of work.

If it seems this entry is just a bunch of words…you would be right…Internets are very clever.

Quote From The Internets:

We need to go back to the way finances were figured in the 50’s. If you want it, save for it, if it can be fixed, repair it and if you don’t have the cash you probably don’t really need it. SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!” ~ Article about Saving


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