NorEaster Blows In

Every time we have a NorEaster that isn’t in the winter I think…I wonder how much snow we would have gotten if this had been January.  So of course when the NorEaster blew in yesterday I thought the same thing.  It’s weird how they always come in the dead of night.  It’s still raining heavily here which just adds to our rain totals which are now standing at about 7-1/2″ for the summer.  That is to say, way over the norm.  Soggy yes but look at the grass is so much greener on my side of the fence.  Wow literal instead of figurative…nice!

I’m going to lament in this next paragraph so prepared to be annoyed.  Why do I lament so?  My beloved Phillies are sucking up the baseball field these days.  But you say…Jenn they are 5 games ahead?  Yes I say to you, but with only about 13ish games left and the Phillies on a losing streak and the Marlins on a winning jag, me’s all sad 😦  Maybe they just need to come home but DUDES GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY!!!  I’m greedy and want another World Series yo!!!

We’ll I’m off to the Laugh and Gas factory.  The best thing about Friday’s is 5:00 pm 🙂

Quotes from the Internets:

* “I’m from Minnesota and this is the most exciting thing since Prince released Purple Rain.” ~ John Anderson, News Anchor talking about Brett Farve’s second come back.

* Okay this isn’t from the Internets but it’s a quote okay!

p.s. My hair is all curly thanks to the NorEaster I’m going to Name Joanie 🙂


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