Laborless Day

Hey I like having this extra day off!  Yes I’m shouting it out loud while running with a Bloody Mary, waving my celery stick in the air with finesse.  Oh you thought I was going to say running with scissors.  Wrong Jack Germond!

I slept in which was really nice and extra specially nice that my roommates Willow and Mickie let me.  Sometimes they like to get up early and well if the brats are up so shall be all!  I think they rang that decree in one morning.  Any who, it was glorious!

So what to do today?  So many possibilities and so little desire to do anything.  I’m staring at a stack of books that are taunting my dyslexic personage.  If a book is written with just the right economy of words I can motor through it in 2 days.  Sometimes writers add so much useless dialogue or description that I’m just marred in mind numbness.  It’s sort of like when I read “A Time Traveler’s Wife”.  It was a good story BUT it was about 250 pages too long.  The author rehashed the same points over and over.  I’m dense, this I know, but seriously I got it.  He travels time and sometimes he’s two places at the same time.  Like I said…250 pages shorter would have been nice.  Note to editor…you blow.

Well phase two of today’s activities is done…I woke up.  Phase two, also completed, I got a shower.  What’s next Bob only knows!

Quote From The Internets:

“Obviously its Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Scantily clad female nazis with sub machine guns and zombies. A compelling package I would say.” ~ Response to the question…What was the greatest video game ever?


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