Why Can’t Real Mean Hug?

What is with the fact men don’t hug? They do that half chest bump while holding hands thing. It’s just too weird. Oh and least I forget the slaps on the back that could almost pop your heart through your ribcage. It’s all really weird.

Recently I’ve been taking notice to people when I talk to them. Apparently nothing I say is really relevant and it appears I talk too much. I say this because I watch when people check out of the conversation. Yes its a hobby but there you go. I often wonder if I talk so much just to see this moment on their face, which is sort of like getting the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. Do they make Cracker Jacks anymore? And why is there no more toy surprise in the box of cereal? Dude I may be 43 but I still want my prize! When we were kids it was how we determined what kind of cereal to chose when Mom would send us off to the Cereal isle at the super market.

Yes I’m totally off track now. I don’t care sometimes this is just how my mind works!

Quotes from the Internets:

“I was listening to NPR pretty much all day today and they talked to 2 authors in that time. (1.) A man who wrote a book about an event that happened in 1946. Apparently he’s very old but sounds like he’s 35 on the radio.”


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