A Week In Review

It has been a crazy week in LaughandGasville.  Well nationally Ted Kennedy has moved on to another level.  Some call it Heaven, some call it the afterlife…I call it whatever is next.  It’s the end of the Kennedy Dynasty really.  Yes there is the next generation of Kennedy’s out there but they could never have the charm and appeal that Joe and Rose’s family had.  So much history, so much tragedy and so many stories.  Farewell Ted.

Michael Jackson’s death has been ruled an homicide by the LA county coroner.  His death was manslaughter at best.  Michael Jackson suffered from an intense addiction to drugs.  Because he was “Michael Jackson” he could ascertain these drugs whenever and where ever he wanted.  The real crime is that everyone around him had to of known about his problem and yet not one person stood against him in his personal destruction.  The doctor that gave him to propofol is definitely guilty of stupidity.  It’s all very sad.

All the books I ordered have come in and now I need to do some serious reading.  I started Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold right away as it came recommended by another blog I read.  And to add to the stress Kris Radish announced on her blog this week her book “The Shortest Distance Between Two Women” is in book stores everywhere.  So I have to get it.  She’s my favorite novelist.  Her books are beautifully written stories about women and their relationships.  Sometimes the characters lives are just plain crazy yet it’s always in a fun and up beat approach.

Enjoy the Weekends ppls!

Quote From The Internets:

From an article about an illegal kidney donation:

“That payoff would be illegal.  But the kidney donor, 39-year-old Nick Rosen of Tel Aviv, says that doesn’t matter. “I smoke pot. That’s also against the law.”


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