Bjorn Has Retired

So my traveling buddy has decided to retire from exploration.  Bjorn’s been around the block as can be viewed here but after sustaining another tragic injury he’s decided to sit on the side lines after next week.  During his expedition to Arizona Bjorn broke his arm off,  Yep off!  But it didn’t stop him from his love of adventure.  During yesterday’s trip to

Valley Forge National Park he suffered another amputation of his other arm.  Since I didn’t have a Barbie band aid on hand he suffered through the day with just a stump where his hand once sat.  I know humiliating, right!

He may make an appearance from time to time but now he’s passing on the travels to Mick who joined the exploration team in April.

Welcome Mick to the team and we know you’ll do a fabulous job  stepping in for the Master of Travels, Bjorn Maelstrom, Norwegian Explorer!


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