The Quickest Parade Everah

So today at work we got some fun going in my small town. It started when two Ladder Fire Engines paralleled and raised their ladders to make a sort of bridge. Uniting the bridge was Old Glory! It was rather cool to observe. It’s a really small town. The press was there and people lined up on the roadside not sure what all the hubbub was but they waited in 95 degree heat and humidity to see…well…something. Anyway it turned out to be a motor cycle parade to raise money for fallen police or something. Clearly this group of officers never got the memo that it was a PARADE because they flew down the street about 25 mph. I’m not sure the folks from the media had a chance to video it. Heck they even had an helicopter. It was all so very titillating if you have no life like me.

So here are some photos:

Yep…that’s some exciting stuff.

Quotes from the Internets:

This is a comment regarding Education In Britain.

“When we tried to recruit a graduate for a trainee position in our PR company, we found spelling and grammatical errors in every c.v. and covering letter – despite the majority possessing A’s and A*s in English. Because of their spoon fed education, many young people are also creatively stifled – most started their covering letters with the sentence: The reason I want to work in public relations is because I can relate to the public…”


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