Lacking Any Kind of Direction

So I haven’t been blogging because well I’m middle aged and nothing interesting happens…really.

I have stumbled across something I would like to try out.  I love to read stuff on line.  Mostly I like to read the comments.  My newish blogging will be some of my favorite responses to anything.

Like this one…

“I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the wind never stops blowing. Boston is one sustained gust of wind from Christmas to Opening Day. Last week a hot dog wrapper flew out of my hand; three days later it came back to me with Customs stamps from Romania and South Korea on it.”

Or this one…

“When we go up to Maine in the Fall, the in-laws are extremely diligent about making sure all of us, even the dog, are well covered in blaze orange to protect us against the hunters. Since my son Charlie (age 4.5) has a few Falls under his belt by now, it all comes second nature to him.

Yesterday he was talking with my wife and the subject of hunting came up, deer hunting in particular. He was shocked and saddened to hear that many, many deer are killed this way every year. He took a moment to digest this news, then lifted his head with eyes wide and said, “Mum, they should wear orange!”

And so an new blog is born from the internets 🙂  Happy birthday new bloggy blog!


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