DWTS Final Show

So week 11 was a nail bitter.  I was complaining yesterday morning to my work colleagues that poor Shawn got dissed by the judges again.  Consistently through the entire season they’ve treated her was a pat on the head, your just a child and we won’t take you seriously attitude. Well last night Shawn Johnson, Gold Medal Gymnast, won the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Well done Shawn and Mark.  Gilles and Cheryl were very good but I thought (all season) that even when Gilles was off his game the Judges glorified him.  Tom Bergeron said the vote came down to a 1% difference.  Maybe the fans had enough of the propping just like me…who is also a fan.

There was one rather rough and senseless piece of crap on last night show.  The ROAST is a bad idea.  It was a bad idea last year when they did it and it was a really bad idea this year.  What fool though this was entertainment should be FIRED from the show.  Jeffrey Ross may appeal to some people but not most.  His comedy is mean.  I know what a Roast is supposed to be (Hello the DEAN MARTIN ROASTS from the 70’s) and this is not what I saw…he was rude, crude mean and oh so very low class!  Let’s hope next year the producers have more common sense!

So there it is…Mark and Shawn win the prize.  Yeah!


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