In The After Life

So I’ve been obsessed with watching Ghost Hunters lately.  I want to be one of those cool ghost one day that can talk to the animals or in this case Grant and Jason.  I’m not sure as a dead apparition I would have anything more profound to say dead then I did when alive but I think it would be cool to be all haunting and stuff.

Speaking of Jason and Grant why is it they Grant always says “No way…are you kidding me…I can’t believe that” after a ghost makes contact.  Dude you do this whole TAPS thing as a side job.  When you ask a spirit questions and it uses the K2 to light up the lights for you (once for yes…nothing for no) you shouldn’t be shocked!  My favorites are the Thermal cameras that pick up full bodied apparitions.  Wickedly awesome!!!

So one day a hundred years from now I plan on haunting some stuff…seriously I’m going to do it!


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