Hang Up The Damn Phone!

Everyday I drive to work I wonder if I will ever really make it there in one piece.  Seriously I live less than 1 mile from home to work so this is a huge stinkin’ deal!!!

Today I made it all the way to the office with no incident until of course I pulled into our driveway.  There was a woman in a Volvo parked in front of our doors.  I’m not sure why she thought this was the best way to park but she did and so I waited to see what madam genius was going to do next.  When she didn’t do anything I of course decided to go around her to slip into my parking spot.  Yes…you know what happened next.  The nut job decided to back up without looking and could have hit me had I not figured all along she was an idiot and capable of such stupidity!

What kills me most of all is a) she was on a cell phone yapping away and b) the accident would have been my fault!  So of course I was talking to myself when I came into the office and I told my boss about it and he suggested we go to the security tapes.  Everyone gathered round with their coffee cups to see the dumbest person on the planet.  That’s right Cell Phone Lady was caught on camera and we appropriately mocked her!!!  We all laughed and went back to work.

What can I say…I feel better now 🙂


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