Snow Angels or Snow Devils You Decide

We got 8″ of snow from that snow storm on Monday and I was going to make some snow angels but really I didn’t want to get wet.  It was like -1 degree with the wind chill and that just what I need frozen underwear.  I mean really getting a regular wedgie would be bad enough but one with icicles…new meaning to the word Ouch!

Instead of me playing in the snow I watched Willow.  That dog is crazy for snow.  Mickie watched us from the window because freezing her ass off isn’t really her thing.  It isn’t mine either but Willow was having so much fun I hated to be the kill joy in the plan.  But she sure does owe me one!

Mr. Weather Dude who sucks at forecasting is promising high 50’s to 60 degrees this weekend.  He’d better be correct this time or I am going to hunt him down and make him alphabetize my CD’s if he’s wrong!  Bring on the big thaw baby cause this Inuit is ready for spring! YEAH MAN!


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