Crazy Woman Alert!

That OctoMom is really getting on my nerves anymore!  Yes I said it and I’m not taking it back.  Crazy people shouldn’t breed.  It’s a simple fact.  I’m crazy and I do not have children…so there!

Everyone’s got an opinion on this nutcase and I’m no different.  Everyone’s looking where to place the blame for this extremely unfortunate situation.  Some are also ticked off at OctoGranny for not giving more to support her 33 year old daughter.  Excuse me.  A 33 year old woman should understand that if you are on public assistance that she should have not had IVF trying for a seventh child.  This isn’t a case of wham bam thank you mam…oops I can’t believe this is happening.  She made a conscience choice.  She walked into that clinic with a check for like 15 grand and came out with the bonus package.  Why should this adult woman expect anyone would help her or care?  If she had triplets would anyone care.  No, but it wouldn’t change the fact that she still had 10 children she couldn’t care for and her Mother would still be running towards her own life.

My biggest peeve with the OctoMom is…while she’s off giving interview after interview (I’m sure for cash) who is watching the 6 children that she has at home?  What happened to her individual attention she was lavishly bestowing on her other children?  Oh that comes later.

I hate to break it to this nimrod but after all the hoopla dies down and the offers dry up as well as the money she will receive from whatever source she will still be faced with the yearly cost of raising 14 children.  She has no job, no husband (at least in a two parent household she could save on day care costs) and grip no on reality.

If I were OctoGranny I’d move to Alabama or Maine leaving behind a webcam so she could see the grand children from afar!  Heartless…maybe but seriously why should OctoGranny give up her life and needs because her daughter is a moron?  OctoMom made a choice and the responsiblity is hers alone and no one elses.  I like everyone else out there feels for the children.  It’s not fun when you start out in life with the Dumbest person on the planet as your parent!


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