Just Because She Could Ain’t A Real Reason

Sorry for the double negative but it reflects my feelings in this matter.  Of course I’m referring to the woman who was under the delusion that she was Jane Goodall and kept a 15 yr. old 200 lbs. Chimp as a pet.

Animals (including my dogs) have instinctual behaviors and having said this I’m weighing in on the debate going around the net.  A normal size chimp has enough power to rip a humans arms.  As a semi-rational person I embrace this knowledge.  I have dogs and with being a pet owner I know that although my dogs are docile and friendly I never let down my guard that something might provoke them after all they are still animals.  When people come up and say can I pet your dogs I say yes and easy them toward the person all the while being in control with the leash just in case.  Dogs like children are extremely unpredictable so in understanding this I take precautions.

So how unpredictable do you think a Chimp who is couped up in a house is?  The greatest crime in this whole situation is stupidity.  Travis the chimp and the friend who was mauled paid for this persons stupidity.  Sad, tragic and so unnecessary.


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