Over The River

…and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go…. Thanksgiving week has officially kicked off this morning.  Thanksgiving brings back very fond memories of my life.  It’s the one holiday that our family spent together.  Pumpkin Pie, Turkey, cranberries and lots of other goodies.  This year we might have a guitar hero extravaganza.  I’m bracing for my humiliation.  Last year the teenager was awesome and this was done with him laying sideways on the sofa.  I couldn’t do it while standing in guitar position, lol.

DWTS finale starts tonight.  I kind of only half hardily watched after Susan Lucci got her walking papers.  And I probably wouldn’t have watched this season if it wasn’t for Susan being on.  Last season there was like one person who could really dance and that was Kristi Yamagucchi.  I felt this was designed because the men had taken the trophy for like 4 years straight.

In years past when they got to the final three it was too close to call.  The celebrity dancers had improved so much and were so entertaining to watch.  I remember watching when Layla Ali and being shocked that she was that good.  I knew she had timing and rhythm because she was a boxer and those are important to the sport but to see how graceful she was and so commanding…it was a treat.  There were no wonderful surprises this year.  No diamond in the rough.  Brooke Burke should win the competing.  But public opinion could go the way of Warren Sapp.  I’d love to see Kym win her first trophy.  Lance is fun to watch and got beat up this year by the Judges but of all three Brooke is the best dancer.  Who will will…who knows but I’m giving this season a thumbs down.  I hope next season is better!


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