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King of the Martinis

King of the Martini's

So last night while watching DWTS with my bestest buds D & S…The Daddy-O came home and made some Strawberry Martini’s.  He asked me if I would like one and I was all no…I’ve got to work tomorrow, blah, blah, blah.  He poured me a small one anyway.

I protested but then my Catholic Guilt kicked in and I was all…”But there are children in Southeast Asia that don’t even get daiquiri’s let alone Strawberry Martini’s” and so I was stuck with a dilemma.  That’s when D said…”You should drink it…for the children”.  Yes it’s true that D is the coolest!  I took her advice and drank the Strawberry Martini…not just for myself but for all those children in the world who don’t get to drink alcohol every day!  I just can’t help it…I’m an humanitarian…yep  that’s me.  Oh and I had another one for all the teenagers in Southeast Asia who have no martini’s too.

DWTS is okay  this year.  The dancers aren’t as captivating.  I miss Marie Osmond, Joey Fatone and Mel B.  Cloris Leachman is some what entertaining but how long will that last before she goes over the top and becomes more annoying than entertaining.  Oh and yes…we all know Lance Bass is GAY…G-A-Y!  Enough already with the jokes and innuendos…just dance already.  Like what was up with him dancing to Katey Perry’s song “I Kissed A Girl”.  Was that a dig or a joke…either way…it was insulting.  People it’s going to be a long 13 weeks.


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