Yeah, that’s a word…look it up.  Of course you’ll have to look it up in the crazy handbook but I guarantee it’s there!

Last night my BFF’s treated me to a birthday bonaza that included good food, good beer and the grooviest company ever.  It was made extra special due to the fact they just got back from a far away destination vacation and were still dealing with the extreme time zone difference.  Troopers they are, say Yoda.

My staycation is over and I took more naps than I can count and even ate ice cream which is always exciting but the best part was I finished 4 books and started a fifth.  Life is good in the world of staycation!

I’m back at work and I’d like to report things are as groovey as ever…see conversation below:

ULTRAMAN: I’ll have my people call your people.
JennX: Oh, didn’t you hear I shot all my people.
JennX: The @$%& stole my Oreos…I loved those Oreos.

And on another topic that has nothing to do with misunderestimatedness…Dancing with the Stars is on tonight.  Yeah baby.  So I have to way the parameters before me.  What’s more important the kids homework or DWTS?  Please discuss amongst yourself for I know the answer already 🙂


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