On The Last Day

Today marks the end of another wonderful vacation.  Usually vacations are wonderful so to say this like it’s something special is just…weird.  Anyway this was a relaxing vacation.  One day I slept almost all day and night which of course was glorious.  I’ve had beautiful weather with low humidity and very autumn temperatures.  Loved it and enjoyed it.  I’ve finished reading 3 books and am on my fourth which is awesome.  The book I’m reading was a birthday present from 4.  She wasn’t sure if I’d like it because she bought it mostly because of the picture of a dog that looked just like Mickie on it.  It’s been my experience that I have liked the books purchased for this reason more than those I’ve methodically set out to buy.  This book is not an exception.  I hope to finish reading it by the end of the day or tomorrow.

I’ve gone out to breakfast twice.  I go to Bruno’s which has an outdoor area making my meal not only tasty but visceral.  It sits on a major thoroughfare and the views of the large buildings surrounded by trees is almost like a landscape painting by one of the masters. The smells, the cool breeze blowing, tasty morsels and a good book make for not only a relaxing meal but a seemingly innocent break from over powering intense thought.

I wonder if I will put this on the lists of perfect days?  It comes close but I’ve had several others that the competition is tough.

It’s hard to describe those moments of perfect happiness but one knows them as soon as they happen.  They are fleeting but lasting.  I’ve had tons of these times but sometimes, at least for me, the happiest moments come from the most benign things.

Vacations are wonderful.  I highly recommend them!


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