The Sky Is Falling

Well not really but you would think by the news it was in fact falling.  Gas went up 11 cents over the weekend.  Can I just say WTF?  I bet if someone actually was auditing these companies in the financial districts one might find fraud and corruption.  I say bring on the investigations!  That Lehman Bros. fiasco…the CEO received a $22 million dollar bonus for basically cooking the books.  Everyone is running around like Chicken Little but no one wants to actually do something radical like develop a plan.  They just throw my money at it.

Why are 20% of the country’s refining capabilities based in a volital area?  I get it’s closest to the oil being pumped but when our country has gone from 364 refineries historically to just 124 and 20% of those are in what I’ll call Hurricane Alley this makes no sense.  It’s time to build more refineries.  South Dakota has welcomed the building of Refineries in their state.  I’m tired of congress telling us what they won’t do.  They strangle the country and are just as responsible for financial crisis as other avenues. Greed and Corruption is out of control in our country and it’s time for accountability.

So the hurricane’s brought about extreme humidity to my part of the globe.  What does this mean?  Well it means my hair is really curly.  But since I’m on vacation this week I don’t really care.  Gosh vacations are awesome!

Eagles vs. Dallas tonight…be there!


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