Arachnophobia – n. An abnormal fear of spiders.

Dude there is nothing abnormal about fearing spiders.  They’re icky!  They spin webs that are annoying and sort of like graffiti.  So what’s with the spiders you ask?  Last night…

I was awoke from a fitful nights sleep by Mickie screeching in pain.  I jumped up, turned on the light and rushed to see what was wrong with her.  She darted from the dog den when I opened the gate and I couldn’t figure out what happened until I looked down and right beside her on the floor was this massive, evil looking spider.  It would seem that she was bitten by the spider, thus the screech.  The spider took off and Mickie ran up onto my bed (ever the brave guard dog).

What does one use to kill a spider?  I usually use the old toilet paper/tissue approach but this thing scooted under the radiator so I got some generic bug spray out and flushed it from this hiding place and then use a pole to squish it.  There I stood in all my conquesting glory…for I had slayed the dragon.  Okay it was only about a 1″ dragon but it was slayed alrighty! I cleaned the bite mark with some alcholol swabs and went back to bed.  Thus the night of unrest because I had to share my bed with everyone.  Oh did I mention that Mickie snores a lot?

Fast forward to this morning I ended up killing 2 more spiders.  One in the bathroom and one at work.  I really think they are taking over now!  Say what you will…Spiders are creepy, icky disgusting creatures and me no yike them!


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