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Palin Family

Palin Family

I watched Sarah Palin’s speech last night and I loved it.  Why?  Well she’s a breath of fresh air amongst the stodgy Washington establishment.  She’s appears more America than all of the candidates put together.  Sarah Palin has the same issues that other families face from teen pregnancy to having a special needs child (health care anybody) and trying to raise a family of 5 children in today’s world.  She’s run a town and a state all while juggling a husband and children.  Yet the media constantly ask how she could be VP and raise her family.  Did they ask that of Barak Obama?  No they didn’t.

This morning I saw a piece as I was flipping through the channels on Todd Palin “First Dude of Alaska”.  It was a ridiculing piece on how different Washington would be for this Alaskan Native.  Would the media do a condescending clip on Michelle Obama?  Ah…that would be a big fat NO.

The debates will help me further discern who are the right candidates for me and maybe they will actually talk about the issues facing this country.  But today I can say I liked Sarah Palin’s speech and saw that the “Good ‘Ole Boys” in the media feel threatened since they weren’t consulted and I like that.


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