If I Had Known…

That The Office was this funny I would have watched it sooner.  Off and on all weekend I’ve been catching up with past seasons (Thanks to Mo-Mo Gerecki).  There were times I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breath.  It’s that funny!

Friday I hung out with L, MS and Brenda which was fun.  Brenda had some of her gal pals over for friend’s birthday so by the time we got there they were all blotto’d.  I declined drinking the blue drinks (Zombie’s) and stuck with light beer.  A little ABBA was stirred into it all and the girls were standing on the table singing into badminton rackets.  Sometimes it’s good to cut loose as adults.

I left early because I had tons to do on Saturday morning but later when I met the girls for breakfast there was a lot of sunglass action happening.  The jocularity of the previous evening was turned into…”coffee…I need some coffee!”  I left the night before around 11:30 and they called it an evening somewhere around 3…the drink really worked.  They turned into Zombies, lol 😉



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