Back To Reality

I got back yesterday from the awesomest vacation! I had a blast and now decompressing from awesomeness is so hard. The dogs were sort of happy to see me. Okay Mickie was happy to see me and Willow has been scowling at me since my return. I got one load of laundry done and I have to go food shopping. This my friends is reality…no more take out!

Much was accomplished during vacation….

  • Went to the beach – Check

    Stone Harbor Beach

    Stone Harbor Beach

  • Went to the Boardwalk – Check
  • Saw historical stuff (Lighthouse and Water Station) – Check
  • Had tasty take out – Double Check
  • Hung out with La Familia – Check
  • Saw Fireworks – Check
  • Went Swimming – Check
  • Got Fried to a crisp – Check
  • Got new flip flops – Check

    New Flip Flops

    New Flip Flops

  • Hot Tub Sessions – Check, Check, Check
  • Watched DVD’s
  • Finished Reading both books I brought with me – Check and Check
  • Sleep a lot – Check
  • Put my feet in the water on 8/15 (It’s a religious thing) – Check

    The Beach

    The Beach

  • Make new friends (okay they were all over the age of 70 but hey I made new friends) – Check
  • Ate the most awesomeness French Toast ever made in the world…THE WORLD! – Check

    Yummy French Toast

    Yummy French Toast

  • Sang with my girls 4B and 4B-BFF in the car ride to the shore. ABBA never sounded so good! – Check

It was really difficult to wake up and look out to see no more awesome view.

View From Loft

View From Loft

My view today was sunny but it also had a neighbors dog doing it’s business. So you can see it’s just not the same as say this wonderful view of the beach.

Here I always thought myself more of a mountains person than a shore person. This week proved that theory wrong! At least I’ve got lots of great pictures to use as my desktop at work.

Goodbye Anglesea Pub…I think I’ll miss you the most 😦


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