Red is the New Tan

The beach was a blend of perfect beachiness and wind. Even with my sunscreen action, while sitting under the umbrella I still managed a good dose of sunburn. But luckily enough not the excruciating painful kind 🙂

The ocean water was perfect too. Wicked cold when you first walk in but within seconds a perfect refreshing temperature. Afterward we went to Springer’s for their homemade ice cream. Sure I’m lactose intolerant but if you tasted this awesome ice cream you wouldn’t care either. Yummy! They also make their own whip cream.

This being on vacation thing is so hard 😉



  1. DOG REPORT: the dogs are being really good! no problems! and grammy really likes them. and heres the biggest suprize willow RAN. thats right she ran for me and s. (well after the first couple times it turned into a sort of fast waddle, but she was fast. 😉

  2. D that makes me really happy to know they aren’t been bad. You know how they can get. Thanks so much for taking really good care of them for me 🙂 I LOL’d when read that Willow was doing a fast waddle…that’s funny 🙂

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