A Million Miles

It’s amazing how relaxed I am. It’s almost mind blowing.  This morning I walked down to the ocean and it was almost like it beckoned me.  There was a big storm last night complete with lightening bolts and so the ocean was rougher this morning.

The sand in my feet was odd at first but quickly I became accustomed.  It was the water that was the best part, or maybe the salt air whipping at my face in the form of winds.  I walked into the ocean and the coldness startled me at first but ever so quickly I became accustomed to it.  I walked a bit further until the water was at my knees and just stood there.  It was if I was a million miles away from me.  My mind was soaring to a new place that closed out the rest of the world and everything in it.

This my friends is what vacation is all about!


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